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Clear Polythene Bag

Carefully developed over twenty-five years at the cutting edge of the polythene packaging industry, our range of polythene products and plastic bags for industry and consumers is possibly the largest of all our product portfolios. Our customers are just as diverse, coming from a vast range of industries all over the UK. We supply to builders, office suppliers, engineers, funeral directors, wholesalers and packaging companies to name a few, and we constantly strive to expand our customer base.

The PMC product range for industry and consumer customers includes items such as heavy duty builders’ sheeting, polythene Grip Seal bags, cremation film, versatile stretch wrap for an alternative to shrink wrapping, and packaging tape.

PMC product packages can be tailored to your exact requirements and budget. You’ll get the exact sizes and quantities of everything that you need - nothing more and nothing less. All our polythene packaging products can be custom printed and colour coded, and if we don’t stock it, we can probably manufacture it.

Our polythene bag and packaging shipments to industry and consumer customers - wherever they are in the UK - always arrive complete and on time, delivered by dedicated PMC personnel.

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