September 5, 2014

ARVOR 1400 arrives at PMC factory

PMC Polythene are pleased to inform you of their latest technology and manufacturing update. Testament to the growth of the PMC business and in solid commitment to quality and continual improvements in manufacturing efficiency, the Arvor 1400 Bag Making Machine has arrived at the factory and is already in use.

This new and impressive addition comes hot on the heels of the arrival of our economic Mercedes Benz Atego lorry, now doing the rounds all over the UK. Now the acquisition of the Arvor 1400 signals yet another milestone in the development of the company and its solid commitment to its customers.

A rapid machine used to manufacture and seal the bottoms of bottom weld plastic bags, the Arvor 1400 comes equipped with rollers 100mm in diameter, a mechanical cutting device and one high-powered motor. With this new addition and update to the factory floor, the business can expect greater efficiency in production and the opportunity to diversify their range even further without ever impacting on speed or quality.

Key features of the Arvor 1400

–      Touch screen controlled

–       Bag length adjustment options

–       Alternating bag length feature for staggering seals up to 12mm

–       Suitable for printed material on heavier films.

–       Repeat weld option for stronger seals

–       Adjustable machine speeds for securing a longer sealing time

–       Cycle speed regulated by frequency controlled AC motor

–       50 programme memory

–       Bag cut-off system of one continuously running blade for uniform cutting

–       Pneumatic system for creating air cushion bags

–       Emergency stop function and anti-jamming device

September 5, 2014