PMC is a major supplier of polythene bags and bin liners to some of the UK’s leading janitorial and cleaning suppliers. Our years of success in this sector are a result of our dynamic and ever expanding product range. What’s more, we are frequently praised by our customers for our ability and willingness to adapt our packages and products in line with their evolving needs. 


Our clients in this sector benefit from the expert advice and in-depth product knowledge in polythene bags and bin liners our experienced staff can offer, and our speedy nationwide delivery service.


At PMC we work intelligently with our clients, keeping a sharp eye on consumer trends and needs. Wherever possible we make suggestions to help expand and adapt our clients’ product portfolios to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of their end users.

Our janitorial and cleaning range of plastic bags includes heavy, medium and light duty refuse sacks, plastic compactor bags and polythene bin liners. All PMC products come with a range of options for custom printing and colours

Cleaning & Janitorial

A bin liner inside a black bin

Bin Liners

PMC both supplies and manufactures polythene bin liners to fit every type and size of bin - 120 litre and 240 litre bins, domestic and industrial pedal bins, swing bins and square wheelie bins. Liners can be bought scented and come in a range of colours, and are distributed on handy rolls.

A picture of biosac bin liners

BIOSAC Degradable

PMC is proud to supply and manufacture a range of degradable products to its customers. Choose from refuse sacks in a variety of colours and thicknesses, compactor sacks and domestic bin liners in black and clear. Our degradable bags are manufactured using an oxo-degradable additive and degrade quickly in landfill.

A picture of a compactor sack black bin bag

Compactor Sacks

We supply a broad range of polythene compactor sacks in all sizes and thicknesses to suit all types of compactor machines in all machines.

A black refuse sack inside a bin with a box in front of it

Refuse Sacks

PMC supplies and manufactures a broad selection of refuse sacks of varied strengths and thicknesses. They mainly come in white and black, but we do offer various other colours. In addition we supply CSHA (Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association) standard bags for catering environments.

solustrip bags folded up

Sol U Strip

These Sol U Strip plastic bags protect contaminated laundry until safely dispatched within a washing machine. Sol U Strip are often used in hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. Once introduced to hot water the strip on these bags dissolves to release the soiled laundry from within. Remove the Sol U Strip sack at the end of the washing cycle and recycle. These are available in red and clear.