Carbon-awareness lies at the heart of all we do at PMC, and our staff are experts on advising customers on the implications of product choices.

Contrary to popular belief, all polythene is 100% recyclable. Plastic bags are, in fact, far less damaging to the environment than you might think. The lightweight ‘vest style’ supermarket carrier bag is actually the most environmentally-efficient carrier bag option, far outweighing the benefits of textile jute bags and the heavy duty ‘bag for life’ sold by most supermarkets.

Road and air travel far outweigh the impact caused by using plastic bags. In fact, the UK’s annual consumption of plastic carrier bags – 6.5 billion – carries the same carbon footprint as just two hours of air traffic at London Heathrow Airport on any one day of the year. One long haul flight creates as much CO2 as five hundred years of plastic bag use in one household. 

Considerate use of plastic bags and packaging products – reducing, reusing and recycling is important. 

As a company, we operate within current legislative guidelines on emissions, and our experienced and carbon-conscious staff can advise authoritatively on the CO2 impacts of all its products.

We can offer like-for-like comparisons of specific polythene bag and packaging products on request. Most of the products in the PMC range are made from recycled material, although virgin material is also used if specified.

We also offer a scrap collection service for plastic recycling for some customers

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